Think Bad and Crazy!

“Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it.  Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.” ~~ Goethe

It is such a privilege to be human.  Everyday I find something about our resilience, ingenuity, potential, and creativity that makes me wanna dance.  Yes, maybe even bust out in a line dance as Lagniappe (A gift or something extra just because…).

“In my projects, I always try to see beyond the obvious realities,” wrote a conceptual designer from Rio de Janeiro, João Paulo Lammoglia, who also imagined a mask one could possibly use to charge your iPod by simply breathing!  The claustrophobic folks would probably have a stroke when they check out his idea, but I saw it as a very clever energy conservation idea.  The device looks a bit cumbersome for a run (Oye Paulo, maybe you could simply imagine it in a form more like an oxygen nasal cannula?), but no doubt an ingenious and brilliant concept.  Would be interesting to see how far Mr. Lammoglia goes with his idea and it’s development.  Best of wishes, Okay?!

I was once told that if you want to be successful at anything, you’ll need to think bad (meaning big) and follow eCruise shipven your crazies (within reason and the law of course) ideas and dreams as if they already exist and are accomplished.  Sounds kinda New-Agie and thing, but how else has those who’ve successfully created something done so?  Yup.  They first imagined it and then went against the grade of the many nay-Sayers, weed-heads and crack-heads, and followed their instincts and dreams.  These people usually become movers and shakers.  This is how innovations like the iPhone and iPad, which some of us feel we just cannot live without, brought a little spark of life to some of us on this dusty shore, especially in the music industry and “so and so (you say this when you are lost for words like I am right now).

Running even a block, a mile, 5K, 10K, half-marathon, or full marathon for the first time (or any time) may be a rough feat for many, but if this is what you aspire, you just have to start one step at a time.  Please, first seek the advice of your medical provider before starting any rigorous activity that could potentially put you on the express bus to the infirmary.  Start putting one foot ahead of the other and at some point you will find yourself receiving a medal of completion, what each race participants usually receive at the finish line.  Receiving that ribbon with a completion metal (or a peace of Tiffany jewelry like I received after completing Nike Women’s Marathon in 2011) around the neck makes you feel cool, accomplished and sexy!

I’ve observed a few participants bawling as they crossed the finish line and understood their tears quite well.  During a marathon a person could go through many mood swings, mainly with thoughts of abandoning the scene.  The mind works like this, “Who the hell signed me up for this?”  “I am done!.”  “Okay, I am going one more mile, now shut up!” Okay, one more mile and we quitting,” but you suck it up and you aguanta like everyone else unless, of course, you are the one the ambulance is rushing to scrape off the ground!  Oftentimes as a runner you may self diagnose yourself with a bipolar disorder because of the ambivalent mind that is constantly telling you to stop, go on or quit and this might have you scoping the field hoping to find some good ‘ole lithium (not a battery) pill at a first-aid station.  Okay.  No Lithium.  This may be a dangerous idea and substance to mess with at this time.  The drug requires a tight blood level monitoring, and if you have to stop to check your lithium level along the way, you may miss your marathon all together–some of these events have like 10,000 participants! That’s a lot of folks to medicate, don’t you think? At this point, the welfare line would look more promising.

Okay, so the statistics of overweight and obese folks is not looking too kosher here in this God-Bless-America land–two out of three individual is either obese or overweight. Folks are suffering with many chronic diseases as a result of these two problems, which in my view could boils down to one simple solution at this point–think bad and crazy! Some people think bad and mad and go have their stomach cut in myriads of ways. This running nurse is promoting a solution of lifestyle change–a system that could be safer and more sustainable than some options out there.  Always seek simple solutions that resembles the creed medical professionals swear to, which is “first do no harm.”

If you are overweight and a bit chunky and usually hang tight with buddies that have the same challenge you do (They tell me obesity is contagious.  Okay, it is thought to be socially contagious), think bad and crazy!  If they are not actively trying to live a healthy lifestyle, well, chuletas (a form of expression like, “shucks.), replace them with a more progressive group of friends to hang ‘tightly’ with.  It is not my intention to offend folks, but just think about it this way, when you were in college, did you not hang with peers who were getting good grades and had a progressive attitude?  Okay, maybe not…  This may be “doing too much” for you.  Look, I am not advising you to dump your friends who have a weight challenge, just sever the ‘Bosom Buddy’ ribbon that binds you to this group, okay? It sounds crazy, but what may be even crazier is that they might think you are crazy for trying to help yourself to feel and look amazing!  They might discourage you saying it’s not possible because they themselves have bought stock in the “yo-yo” circus or clubs on dieting and so and so and nothing has worked for them. If they are not trying to jump on the bandwagon or are not supportive, say “tata”, brush your feet off, and keep it moving.  You would need new buddies you could possibly ask, like singer Prince Royce sings, “stand by me” instead of those who are always trying to drag you into that all you can eat joint with the cheapest of imitation food contents like…Golden Crabs or Golden Reef?

A lagniappe growing out of weed... for you.

OYE!  Imagining yourself healthy and fit in these obesigeddon (my new term for the so-called war on obesity…you know, like obesity Armageddon?) days where the situation sometimes seems bleak.  Think bad and crazy, despite all the negativity out there, and get up and out.  Do your thing–preferably in silence, like the folks of old did, and by the time someone notices what you’ve been up to, they won’t have the opportunity for any hateration or to try to poison your mind and put you in a gutter.  Let us know how your revolution goes.  Maybe you can’t run because of those knees you’ve named “bad knees,” or maybe running is just not your thing.  If you are at a loss for where to begin, here is a good site you can visit, the American Heart Association, with good tools to get you moving that beautiful machine (your body) that is so wonderfully made and awesomely resilient.   This is a lagniappe from me to you:

Live life

Love strong

Live long


Be free

Where you are.

Today I  ran one mile up and down a steep cross-walk bridge followed with an hour of cycling at the gym.  That sister, Carmen, was a tough instructor, but we survived and I am feeling awesome as a result. Que Viva Madrid 2012 Marathon!  Please feel free to drop us a note, suggestion, criticisms (preferably constructive ones), or well wishes. Thank you!