Something To Smile About

Thing I found on my run that helped me smile today

Greetings beautiful runner and the ones considering this great sport.  So I heard you are doing well and getting out there whipping your body into shape.  Once you overcome inertia and get to rolling out of the house or on that treadmill for a run, with happy chemicals flowing all over your systems making you feel like you are vibrating on a high level,  put a smile as broad as blazing sun on your face and have a great day.

This morning I hit the road to do a run, but it started raining and I decided to be a bit cautious and do I changed my plans.  Just getting over a light cold which I think I caught while peeling my teeth at a cute Cubanito after a run.  Instead of a long run, I did some interval training on a crosswalk bridge with a challenging incline.  I would run as fast as I could up the incline, then slow down and relax on the plateau, speed down the downward curve on the other side of the crosswalk, and came back up like a rocket to do it all over again.  If you took me 16 minutes to do one mile!  Initially, I was tensing my body and grimacing on the incline, then I had a breakthrough thought “SMILE!”  So I smiled, and guess what?  Got a burst of energy from out of nowhere and the rest of my run was much relaxing.

The flexing of facial muscle near the mouth, smiling, comes with many good and healthy benefits.  A Smile is when you turn your lips upward and peel your teeth in a forward direction, typically sporting off your two front teeth.  Here are a few health benefits that you may enjoy when you smile:

  • You become contagious (No bacteria, virus, super-bugs, or amoeba here.  This time a good thing.)
  • Relieves stress
  • Reduces blood pressure
  • Releases Endorphins (natural pain killers 3 times more potent than morphine) and Seratonin (good mood hormone)
  • Smiling gives you a sort of face lift (forget surgery).  It lifts the face up and makes you appear younger!
  • Makes your immune system relax and also stronger
  • Makes people want to be around you and want what you have.  Gives your confidence a boost and makes you look good.
  • It makes you feel warm inside. Ahhh.  Well, at least it does me this way.

They say that people who have facial paralysis oftentimes become depressed.  Some scientists think that just the movement of the muscle in the face due to smiling causes neurological change in the mood, in a positive way, and helps you have a better day.  Today, I am grateful that I have my facial muscle working for me as well as all the muscles that translate my body into the motion of running.

OYE! I encourage you to keep a smile on your face as much as possible, especially when you run pass people or just smile at the sun.  You will soon see and feel the added benefits that comes with this great activity.  It may help the next runner you pass to run with a little more ease.  If you are tired and have that healthy ache runners usually get when you are finishing that last mile, smile deeply into it, and haul @$$ yourself to the end.  You will find on your way that people will hail you or want to befriend you or want to ask you what it is that you’ve got that makes you look (even in agony) like Zoe Zaldana in the film Colombiana, Sexy Shemar Moore the guy from next door (Gotcha!) or sexy Tom Hanks from the popular film Forrest Gump (Okay, you cant see what I see.).  Get the picture?  Running and smiling goes hand in hand if you are a woman or a man.  Make the best of your run and peel your gums.  Until the next time, don’t forget to have fun.