When One Door Closes Another Door Opens.

“When one door closes another door opens; but we so often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door, that we do not see the ones which open for us.”~~Alexander Graham Bell

Look for the open door of opportunity.

The 11th and 12th century brought us the establishment (not origin) of medicine including hospitals and the schools of medicine.  The the 19th century germ theory and subsequent advances in medicine such as those in chemistry, radiology, laboratory (equipment and technology) and the sort has helped establish medicine even further to what it is today.

For as long as I’ve known myself and pulled that nursing degree out of the hat, we’ve been chasing the ruckus caused by bacteria, viruses, fungus (the amoebas, remember them?  Well, they’ve been kinda safe), and we’ve also been chasing all that mess caused by wrong lifestyle living.  The latter part is mainly the culprit of a long line of diseases we categorize as chronic diseases (cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, etc).  Now, these buggers are putting a big strain on our healthcare system.  This door is what we are in a dire need to close.  We need nurses and healthcare professionals to step up to the plate and advance this cause.  I believe when we do this, when we whip ourselves into shape and start spreading the word, it will catch on like electricity in water.  Okay, maybe it will catch on like white on rice?  Got to go through a bit of processing.  This is how our minds work.  We’ve got to first process things to know them.

The door of sitting back and focusing on managing medicine, in my opinion, is closing but not quickly enough.  We are still being dragged down by extra useless weight that is choking the life out of what is supposed to be a health-care system.  If healthcare institutions would have a massive and immediate campaign focusing on making a serious impact on the obesogenic (0besity causing) lifestyle of its clients and members, can you imagine where we would be? Yeah, hanging on the beach tanning the buns!

How to survive the cut?

There are institutions today laying off nurses and cutting back on their hours and resources to balance the budget.  I recently spoke with a good nurse and former comrade who was worried that she and some of her co-workers would be part of the cut at the hospital down in Cajun country.  Not only are RNs being cut, but many institutions are cutting Nurses Aides, Unit Secretaries, Telemetry Techs, and other ancillary staff (all the folks who can make a nurse’s work load less heavy).

Some of these changes happening in healthcare today sometimes look scary from a workers perspective.  We can only hope they are doing the best they can do and are not sacrificing the little ones below for the big top dogs above to get a fat bonus.  We will keep our peace and not venture in that direction, at least not today.  Don’t dismay and get depressed if you are the one cut and sent running down the road.  Know that when one door closes, another one opens.  Yes, I know this for sure, and I’m sure if you give it much thought, you will find this has been true for you too.  We are never deserted by Providence.  It only requires you keep your heart and eyes open and like Bob Marley sand in his song Cominig In From The Cold, “When one door is closed, don’t you know, another is open.”

Dont underestimate your power to be a force of change

Nurses, in particular, are a very versatile group of people.  We have many options as to what sort of medicine we would like to practice.  When your legs are tired of skating up and down the MedSurge floor, you may find a clinic setting a breath of fresh air.  And for this, you can explore many kind of clinics (diabetic, podiatry, cardiovascular, pediatric, cancer, etc) because the list of ailments that we have in this society is always requiring the erection of a new building.  If the nerve wrecking ICU is frying your nerves down to dust and the pace is becoming too much for folks your age (of course a matter of the mind) and you are tired of running like this run-on-sentence here, then wellness promotion might be appealing to you.  Go ahead, look for the other door.  Find a path where you can make a greater impact on the health of people.  Believe me it is so much more rewarding, in my opinion, to prevent than to treat. It is very rewarding helping people look and feel good.

See the open door. Run!

OYE!  The open door that I am trying to promote, even through running long miles, is one that encompasses wellness.  This is the time for us to pick up that awkwardly dignified white nursing hat and start taking it into the neighborhood promoting health!  Yes, you can make a living at this.  We can start by focusing on easing the obesity epidemic in our communities.  People want to look good naked, feel good, and for the most part, they detest taking medicines.  Yes, health and wellness promotion is a very viable open door and is one of our primary roles as nurses.  Grandmother Florence Nightingale, if alive, would be proud of you should you take this route too.  There are many nurses doing this.  Here is another nurse doing her thing and promoting wellness using Yoga as the vehicle.  You can find her at www.yoganurse.com.   If you have any question on how to make the transition of focusing on health and wellness, drop me a note on this post.