No Scarcity. Ask, It Shall Be Given.

Yesterday I woke up early before the dawn (so I thought) but unknowingly fell back in a good sleep and woke up to start my run about 8am.  I’d decided to dedicate the run to an expansive partner of mine who has always been there for me no matter what wickedness I’ve devised for myself.  The day was already hot but I laced up my shoes, slapped a cap on my head, said a prayer for protection from the mad South Florida motorists, and on my way I went.  As I ran, I could hear the birds having a party in the trees, there was a dove that flew out before me, I’m not sure if I scared him or he scared me.  Motorist were going to and fro, and the early morning walkers were turning back into their place of origin.  There was one single elderly man out there tacking the little bridge/crosswalk down the street, and I was happy to see him burst into a sweat.  This sort of thing ironically puts fuel in my “run” tank.

I planned to run from University Blvd to Pines Blvd going West (making a left that is) all the way to Flamingo Road and back, but as I found myself waiting for the long (right of way) light to cross the street, I got impatient and headed up Pembroke Pines Blvd instead.  Thank God this was the case because I found this boulevard well shaded with trees in some areas and there was one cloud following me along the way.  I’d rather be running on a trail, but since I woke up late, I took the next best option of running in the hood before the blazing sun intensified even more.

At about the third mile marking or so, I glanced at my neon yellow dressed water bottle and found it to be less than half full!  At the same time inside my mouth felt like a Brillo pad.  “Goodness! How did this happen?” I thought.    Not sure if my bottle was open and I was spilling the water all along my path or if I had a bit of heat-induced amnesia and forgot I had drank that much.  One mind said to me, “Save it for last,” and I almost bought into this mentality, but then another mind said to me, “Well, you can pass out now, and the show ends.”

Wonderful things you'll find on a run, if your eyes be open.

Needless to say I agonized over the decision to have my fill now and run the chance of getting scrapped off the pavement later, or deny this basic need of hydration now and get scrapped off the pavement…just then?  Then, I remembered how I’m on this path of practicing active faith.  Besides, the 10 mile run was a dedicated run to A wonderful friend whom I am extremely grateful is in my life.  Like a flamboyant drunkard, I took my swig and then a long haul from that bottle, switch my MP4 to the next song, and the empty bottle was a figment of my imagination. Instead of focusing on my perceived scarcety, I concentrated on the beauty of nature.  A lovely day was before me and I was feeling good.  Same little cloud followed me and I reached Flamingo Road in a formidable state.

I felt good.  Grateful that I am running in great health and Spirit.  Thankful that nothing hurts and I was running with ease.  Sometimes what helps me to run better is to PUT myself in a mode of thanksgiving, and like the best medicine, it takes away many aches and pain and that ugly “blah’ feeling.  Try it sometimes.  When you feel you cant go any more, start mumbling words of thanksgiving.  You will find you really have a lot to be thankful for.  You could have been the one laying in that hospital bed waiting for a few stressed and worn out nurses to come flip you from one side to the next.  You could be one in a wheelchair waiting patiently for someone to put you on the pot!  Worst yet, you could easily be the nurse who is a patient waiting for your comrades to clean your rear end.  I was thankful this was not my case and scenario.

This is the place where I found water. And picked back up the cooling clowd.

About Three more miles to go and I felt…tired and thirstier than a camel crossing three deserts in the heat of Sudan!  I was approaching a building and noticed a man on a John Deere type lawn mover and wondered if a water fountain was anywhere near that building.  It seemed like a school.  I opened the water bottle I had and took a peak inside, looking for one drop.  Just one drop, Lord?  My eyes were blinded by my salty sweat and the sun bore down on me like an elephant leg on the back of a half-dead cock-a-roach! Something inside me was propelling me to stop, really.  Could it possibly be an impending heat stroke?  Well, I peeled open my eyes even wider and felt a harder sting of salty sweat drip on my right eyeball, and I had a stronger sense that I should stop at this building.  I squinted to read the writing on the wall, and it said family fellowship or life center or something of the sort.  To the right of that building I saw a few school aged children, and in the very front off the side of it, I spotted a WATER FOUNTAIN!  WATER! WATER! WATER!  I said, loudly in my mind and ran like I was being chased to be mugged.

OYE!  The guard at the church was a nice guy who let me take my fill from the fountain of life (what I called that single strangely placed water fountain).  I know nothing about Florida Bible Church itself, but it sure was a cooling shade in time of my need that moment.  I was blessed with grace, but it’s best to be prepared for your runs so you can run safely and without worries.  Usually for longer runs, I carry a bottle of electrolyte replacement drink and a bottle of water.  You can buy that device that goes around your waistline with five bottles and you can run well prepared.  I, however, do run with a pouch around my waistline where I keep an energy bar, ID, a softlips vanilla lip balm, and a few dollars for posterity.  Yesterday, I was not as prepared as I usually am, but just to show you, if you believe, and you ask going in faith, the thing(s) you need will be given onto you and right on time.  This I also find to be true working on the unit, skating behind doctors order, and patient’s demand and condition changes.  This same kinda faith has helped me through plenty of tough times within the cold confines of the many hospitals where I’ve practiced.  The belief that you have all that you need along with a heartfelt gratitude towards life can bring you through many of runs, especially the rough ones.  So try to be grateful, and run in peace.