Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man.

Women are know to be nurturing, emotional, communicative, and well, they say some of us like torturing too, but this post wont get so deep.  According the book, Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man, written by syndicated host, Steve Harvey, women need to know how a man think so we would have no reason to ask a question like that once asked by Rodney King, “Can we all get along?”

According to the author of this lovely inspiring book, a man is good at protecting, professing, and providing.  They love fixing things.  This later part of their endowment could be used as a litmus test on your man.  If something bothers you like for instance, you cant find your special pot so you could cook a decent meal for the two of you (they are stored up somewhere in that darn storage space down the road), and he doesn’t give a damn?  Wrong man!  Steve Harvey described two ways a man will treat a woman:  like a sport fish or a keeper.  If he only wants to spend a certain time with you and doesn’t otherwise care one smidgen about your life–what is going on, is always rushing you, and don’t even offer to help you in your time of need?  Well…you are a fish.  If he thinks you are a keeper, he will do everything in his power to help fix your concerns, disgruntlement, and needs.  He wants to see you happy and smiling because simply, he thinks he will then deserves, “some… (Lean and green warn meal?).” Get the book girls.  Get it.

What the heck does this all have to do with running or nursing?  Well, you’ll find a bit of scrambling going on here, but be patient with me.  Certainly I see running as an intimate friend and helper.  It can help a person fix a weight problem if you struggle with this.  If you are conscious and cautious, you can run safely to prevent injuries.  When immersed in the environment, my spirit soars and there is not a time after my run that I don’t come back with a deep appreciation for nature.  There is so much beauty and goodness in nature.  These elements make me feel and act like a woman.  Oh, and the healthier, stronger, and leaner I become, the more positive and powerful I feel.

Now to get in there and do what you have to do to keep running those long miles, stay fit, and stay in the game (no matter if you lost that blessed toenail…or two), is where it would be proper to think like a man”.  This sport of long-distance running often requires you to think like a man.  If you fall and get a booboo?  Slap a prayer or a piece of duck tape on it and keep it moving.  If the sun is mercilessly pounding down on you and you feel drained?  Drink water and or electrolyte replacement drink.  Keep running. Stay focused on the destination (the Zen “focus on the journey and not the destination” folks would cringe at this, I know…).  The weather is cold and the wind factor sends a strong bone-shattering chill making you feel like Lot’s wife who became a pillar of of salt back in Bible days?  Think like a man and run like a mother!   Focus on getting home to your special someone to…cuddle.

OYE!  I hope you got the point.  It’s often that we like to find excuses not to do the things that we know are beneficial for us. Both women and men are guilty of this.  Yes running can test the physical, psychological, and spiritual aspect of our being, but when we infuse and fortify our mind with a simple thought like “quitting is not an option,” we eventually get to where we are going.   Running is not for the Piam Piam (Island lingo for a weakling), so when you run (if you are a lady), run like a woman, but think like a man.  Are you tired of loosing that toenail?  Think like a man, fix the problem by getting your running shoes one size bigger (IT WOKS!).  Yeah, your girlfriend would scoff at this, and you may feel a bit like Donald Duck of Disney, but you will run in comfort and will be able to sport those salsa shoes the next day.  Okay?   We keep it real.  And like Juelz Santana said in his song, The Second Coming: If you fall, get up and try it again, if you drop get up and try again… Stay in the game!  This song started me on my 10 miles run today and it brought me home.  Enjoy!