How To Perk The Sisters (Breasts) Up!

Legend has it that this fruit, when rubbed on the sisters, perks ‘em up!

Okay, this post might be exclusively for the female nurse, well…then again…maybe not.  A few male nurse can use a bit of help too.  Say what?  Yes.  A few guys I’ve seen lately running on the unit could use a little lifter-up (gynecomastia anyone?).  So here it goes.

treadmill. an aerobics equipment.

Sometimes it’s hard to keep tract of everything, especially when it seems like this here modern life requires so much of one.  Trying to keep it all together could sometimes be challenging, especially working out on a daily basis or at least five days a week.  Aerobics or cardiovascular workouts help keep our heart and lung in good condition.  It also keeps the weight down and the body looking very good.  Naked.  Now, there is a little issue some of us have to face, especially if you’ve had children,  the years have been adding up, or you’ve lost weight.  When you lose weight in fat (not fluid like some people do), the body takes the fat from wherever it darn well pleases.  So, the breast, with its fatty tissue, is no exception.  To many of us, having sagging sisters is not an option, and we will do whatever we have to do including dice/splice/lift/tilt them up.  If you are not a proponent of the knife (surgery), then no pain…no gain.

Bench press anyone? Island style.

If you want to lift the twin sisters (breast) up and whip them back in shape, you have to focus on the major muscle of the chest called Pectoralis Major, Pectoralis Minor, and the corresponding ligament called Cooper’s ligament.  These muscles and ligaments hold the breasts up.  Chest exercises and those that have you lifting weights over the head can help strengthen these muscles.  Free weights and dumbbells do help, but push ups (yes drop it to the ground) will also perk them up!

Before you frown and disfigure your face like an angry decubitus (bed sore), there is a way that you can strengthen your body to do push ups.  I learned to reach 12 continuous push-ups times 4 reps by the whip of a personal master trainer about a year ago.   It was rough, tough, and darn near had me huffing and puffing.  Each time I tried to push myself up, my arms were shaking like that Hill-Rom ICU bed that gives percussion and vibrations.  I thought I could hear my teeth rattling in my head.  The guy was insane!  I had a perfect fear for him.  I mean, I took my workouts seriously but he was insanely serious.  This made a big difference, and so I learned the technique well and quickly.  Let’s say, like most nurses do, my body adopt speedily to challenges under stress.

Getting down to the bone of the matter…

Now let’s get down to the meat of the matter (down to the bone).  To begin, you may do a modified push-up where you drop to your knees and with toes in the air and with hand holding up your trunk in the plank pose, bend your arms to shoulder level and push up, keep your back straight. Also, you can do modified push-ups on the wall by spreading your feet apart, place your hands at shoulder level against the wall and slowly bend toward the wall until your chin reaches the wall and then push off the wall back to the beginning position.  It is important that you keep your abdominal muscles tight during these exercises.  Click here for a video demonstrating both techniques.  When you’ve learned to do these well, you may progress to the real push ups which will work even better for strengthening the body, core muscles, and perking the sisters up.   So, let’s get down low to the ground with hands shoulder-width apart and body in plank position. Keep back straight and with face downward, bend elbows , letting your chin slowly touch the ground and then push back upwards and repeat.

OYE!  When you are an marathoner or an athlete training rigorously, you wan to have a balance of calories coming out and going in.  If your body in dire need of energy and has to break down some adipose tissue (fat cells) to accomplish this end and you have some to spare around and about the sisters, guess what?  Yup.  You have a condition where the body robs from Petra (Peter) to pay Paola (Paul), and your universe may look a bit…saggy.  But wait!  The good news is that we can start today working on helping our bellowed breast stand…if even a bit taller.  This may be the time you may benefit from a personal trainer at the local gym.  He or she can guide you as to which exercises will work best for you to accomplish this end and instruct you on safety measures.  Also be mindful that you don’t want to be lopsided in your workout.  We have to work all the members out:  Legs, Chest, Arms, Abs, Calves, Glute0us Maximus (butt)  and don’t forget the facial muscles (a good topic for another time) to achieve stability and strength.