One Moment In Time

It was a hot day this morning.  I woke up and started my 17 mile run the usual route in Fort Lauderdale way before the sun showed it’s face.  I was feeling great, but the temperature was hot in 70′s (but it felt like 100 degrees) and everything seem to be at a stand still.  The only wind or breeze that I felt or heard was that which was coming from the inhalation and exhalation by way of my nostrils and mouth as I was running.

I started my run half hour late and caught up with my TNT run/walk group.  Seventeen miles here we go! The song in the 1988 Seoul Summer Olympics and Paralympics by Whitney Houston, “One moment in time,” would have fit the moment just right.  I felt myself asking for one moment in time to finish that demonstration of faith, but the run felt like eternity!

The Lyrics to this song written by Albert Hammond and John Bettis but sung by the late Whitney Houston are very inspirational and powerful.  You don’t have to be an Olympian to appreciate the either.  Here is an excerpt of the song:

Give me one moment in time… Well, it’s time to take that one moment.  You may not be training for the Olympics nor a marathon like I am, but you sure deserve the one moment in time to shape your own destiny.  Now I am not one to concentrate on diseases, aches, pains and the likes (well, at least when I am off duty), but I’d rather focus on the positive moment in life.  A positive moment is any moment where you raise your head up and out of the pit, out of the valley, from the dumpster of deep depression and sickness, and do the little things that would help you to live healthier and thrive.

One moment in time is when you take the time to improve your situation and focus not on the negative state of diseases and the likes, but concentrate on what you can do for your own well-being and that of your family.  Everyday we take care of people but we know well the ancient teaching that goes like this, “charity begins at home.”  There are many beatitudes we try to practice but the Bible says there is none greater than charity.  Many of us attend church weekly and biweekly, and our Spiritual lives looks robust and beautiful, but there is a certain lop-lopsidedness that is going on within us, for many of us are out of shape on the physical and mental levels.  When you decide to take a moment in time, you will also try bringing your body and mind up to the Spiritual level so to have balance.  Having a balance with these three will definitely, as the lyrics put it, bring you “A day to give the best of me.”

Let’s give them a good lifeline through our example

OYE!  Nurses and health care professionals desperately need to make the time to care for ourselves.  We have to be able to function optimally and represent the best of healthcare.  By setting good examples, we can help encourage patient to change their lifestyle so that our nation’s emergency rooms and hospitals would not be so jammed packed with diseased individuals that are putting so much unwarranted burdens and stress on the economy.  There are many of us who are catching on and doing our parts in this great project, so know that you are not alone.  Let’s make this our goal this year and as the lyrics states, “live to be the very best.”    Yes, I believe we can do this both at home and on the units, so this run was for you.