Running On The WIngs Of The WInd

A couple of weeks ago I was training with my TNT group and we ran 14 miles that tested my endurance, and my spirit.  We started off running on 17th Avenue and headed towards Las Olas Blvd and over the bridge circling what we call the ‘Idlewyld Loop’ and back over that bridge towards Oakland Blvd.

The day was beautiful, but I was fighting the wind and feeling like I was being blown away.  Several times during this run, I felt my ankle hit the other and I almost tripping to the ground.  We were fighting against the wind my team members and I.  It was hard work, but It didn’t occur to me to stop.  You see, I take my training seriously, especially the long runs.

When I am training and am hurting, and tired, I think of all the children who are fighting for their lives in hospitals, other healthcare settings, and at home with Leukemia.  I think of the insult their little bodies have to withstand as they undergo chemotherapy treatments.  I think of their body aches and pain, heart-aches, headaches, misfortune of loosing their hair and feeling week.  All these things I funnel into a place of meditation in my conscious and subconscious mind and this keeps me going.

Purple and Powerful!

My pain is very temporary when I run.  I may even have a certain ache and soreness the following day, but I am grateful and hopeful that we will find a cure for those blood cancers that have prematurely taken the lives of so many people, especially children and the youth under 20 years of age.  The ones who are still alive don’t have the option to stop the insult of the diseases as I do have the option to stop running because of the pain and discomfort i feel.  So, this is why quitting due to tiredness and general aches from running is not an option nor a factor that I would consider!  I will continue to spread the word and awareness of what the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society is doing to help find a cure for blood cancers and to help those who are in need.


Closest thing to flying. Running on the wings of the wind.

That long run and what seemed like a long day did not last forever.  I made it to the turn-around point.  My legs were tired, and I did feel a couple of blisters developing under my big toe and one under the little toe of the same foot, but I kept running. I love running.  Even in adversity and in rough weather, I love running.  It just makes me feel like I am flying and since I am running for this honorable charity, it give me more life and enthusiasm than ever to run.  Luckily on the way back to our starting post, I had the wind in my favor and was running on the wings of the wind.

OYE!  Thank you for your generous donations and please spread the word of my effort in supporting this great cause to your family and friends.  April 22, 2012, I will be running a full marathon (26.2 miles), running for a cure for blood cancers.   I still have much fundraising to do which will benefit the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and the people who this great organization helps.  If you have not donated as yet, please feel free to click the link and this will take you straight to the page where you may donate.  Thanks you!


Ruth Pouchie