Comes Love…Nothing Can Be Done!

Hooked on running.

Hooked!  Bewitched, bothered, and bewildered, like Ella Fitzgerald said in one songs, and in another, “I got it bad (And that ain’t good).” This is exactly how I feel right now– waking  up everyday to running.  Focused and feeling good.  This is what happens when love comes.  It does not come easy though.  You have to make time away from all the ruckus and noise pollution in this modern world to nurture, pamper, and train right.  Well it ain’t good because… all I want to do is run.  Everyday!

Yoga anyone?

So, I am writing you this post right now feeling the blues because a runner should not run everyday.  In this sport one can easily go overboard and overdo things (Two blessed metatarsal fractures  once proved this to me).  Broken bones, crutches, that big ugly black boot is…like RN Debra from a hospital in Fresno California used to say–”Doing too much.”  Too much loving could sometimes get you in trouble, landing you in front of a podiatrist who may bid you to banish running and turn to Yoga.  Now I have nothing against good ‘ole Yoga.  Ancient exercise it is, but if you love running, yoga will not be a permanent match made in heaven.  Well, maybe when I am 103, and older than Methuselah, and want to keep the wheel of life turning even longer.   I am not minimizing the benefits of yoga or discouraging anyone from exploring this great sport.  Yoga is a vehicle that can help you get tuned up and nicely balanced (mind, body, and Spirit).  It will help you stay flexible, pliable and looking like a ‘pretty young thing.”  Yes indeed.  Yoga is awesome.  I love doing yoga at least once or twice a week as a cross training activity on my off-from-running days.

 So I’ll have you know that I am talking about the love runners have for the sport of running.  Although not a glamorous sport, it is hard to kick this love to the curve.  Running will have you sweating like a pig, stink like a skunk, hair looking disheveled like Don King’s,  and with toenails like the dog chewed on them, but when it’s all said and done, the high you get from the body in motion makes you feel like you are on top of the world.  And this is what makes you feel like a hopeless mad fool.  Singer Diana Krall once sang in a song, “You call it madness (But I call it love),” and this is exactly how I feel about my running.

Did you feel that wind?

The late American star tract and field athlete Florence Griffith-Joyner (Flo-Jo), “the fastest woman of all times” once said “When anyone tells me I can’t do anything, I’m just not listening any more.”  This woman was a bad ass runner!  I mean, the girl was so fast at the 1987 US Olympic trials when she broke the 100m world record coming in at 10.46 that they thought the wind had assisted her when there was 0.0 wind factor registered on the wind meter!  Okay, maybe there was a divine wind the meter could not pick up.  The girl was simply bad!  She was dedicated and she knew how to roll it well.  Bawler! I believe when you love something, it not only changes the person (pushing their boundaries), it changes the world.

OYE!  Yesterday was cross-training day, so after a workout, I went and did my nails in honor of this world class lover, Flo-Jo.  She gained much attention due to her running skills, but she was also noted for having very long and flashy nails.  Something about runners and flashy colors…  I know this economy is a bit tough on many, but after a while you wanna treat the finger and toes to some good loving too, especially when you are training hard.  Running helps lean the body all around, but if you want to look good in those stilettos and salsa shoes, you’ve got to break down and treat the phalanges nicely too.  We miss Flo-Jo.  As for this nurse who runs, the sport has me stunned.  And like Ella said, “Comes Love… Nothing can be done.”

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