Hot & Groovy!

Count all your demons, throw the good ones on your shoulder, bury the bad ones or give them away…to the nosy neighbor. What is keeping you from plunging into the heat of the matter and do you right?  Okay, if you live in the North, that cold weather is no excuse.  Well, I’ve heard just about every excuse in the book, but this demons should be banished to Timbuktu! It’s time to run!

This morning a lady told me she knows what’s best for her but she just loves that Jamaican white bread with lots of jam and well, this moves her hands to her mouth spirit.   White bread and jam is one of her demons she will keep, at least for now… I left that conversation alone and focused on dashing away some of my own rough ones.  Best way I know how to do this is through prayers and meditation and well, running.

Making it happen

This morning I headed out to Fort Lauderdale to witness the crowd and to cheer one of my Team In Training running partners, Sylvia, at the Publix  Fort Lauderdale A1A Marathon.  It was a hot but breezy day.  Eighty something degrees!  Lawd!   A day you would want to sit in front of the refrigerator, or have a barbeque  under a cool coconut tree in company of loved ones, or spend the time indoor with your sweetie jamming to a nice Soca song like the one that Trinidadian band Militant made,  Hot and Groovy. It was a lovely day.   While standing at the finish line observing the participants, I heard an ambulance rip past the crowd and I prayed they weren’t called to rake up one of the runners off the ground.

The heat was rough on many of the participants.  I saw people sweating bullets as big as an elephant as they ran past the finish line.  One lady was so tired she looks like she was running sideways.  A guy grabbed his daughter and ran past the finished line with her.  A nice gesture.  I only hope she would remember this, for after running any marathon on a hot or a cold day, those legs feel like they wanna give away.  Well, at least this is how I felt my first full marathon in San Francisco.  Maybe later down the line when I run my 50th marathon–like the friend of a 41 year old woman participant told me the lady has done–it would be easier.

Awesome place to get your running goods in Fort Lauderdale

Today I was not supposed to run, but since I did not know exactly where the finish line would be, I parked by the Running Depot running store near the convention center where the cruises dock and started walking east.  As I was strolling up that E. Clay Shaw bridge on 17th avenue, the sun was kissing me so hard that I decided to run all the way to the beach which was about two miles or so via A1A.  At arriving to my destination, I noticed the cheering crowd at the finish line was not as big and hyped up as I’d expected them to be. I guess the radiant sun deterred many.  There were people from many parts of the world running this marathon as can be expected at such events.  I saw many booths with free snacks, hydration drinks, and water for marathon participants and non-participants to grab.  I was surprised at the generosity of this people.  Although hot for many, the beach scene was still lively and beautiful.  I like it hot, so this was not a huge problem for me.

OYE!  Although today was a hot and groovy day, and many people eagerly headed out in early AM to get their groove run on, be mindful that when you are running in the heat like the one here in South Florida, you should hydrate yourself very well (or that ambulance that ripped past the finish line, going the opposite direction, could be for you!).  People that run are oftentimes looked at and labeled as “A NUT”– at least this is what a lady that was waiting for her love one on at the finish line called people who run those gruesome miles.  It sounded like music in my ear.  For you to be as dedicated as some of the runners/wheelchair/peddlers participants in this marathon, you have to love what you do.  This is good!  The “Loving.”  It makes your “aliveness” gauge go straight up to the roof, even in this hot and beautiful Sun.  Not to mention, running is an awesome sport that could help you stay fit, supple, and strong.  So, drink plenty of water and electrolyte replacement drinks (of course the ones without high fructose corn syrup,  artificial sweeteners, colors, and flavors).  Until next time, be safe.  CIAO!