Train Up A Dog In The Way He Should Go…

BCC health park, Hollywood, Fl

Okay, so I got up early this morning, and did my run in a neighborhood park in front of Broward Community College South Campus in Hollywood, FL.  I ran around that little lake that was well set up for fitness enthusiasts, but bout 2.5 miles later, it became monotonous, and I needed a change.  The park was a lovely park with many species of ducks, a nice water fountain, palm and pine trees, shrubs, bushes, wooden stationary exercise equipments, and a green baby turtle who I kindly moved out of the way after almost ending his life on a chilly but sunny day.



Guide to Plants at BCC. Remember that Horticulturist...

There were a few flowers out there and a nice free Guide to Plants of South Campus brochure inclosed in a clear plastic box which you can readily grab if you are interested in learning the names of the plants on and around that campus.  Of course, I grabbed one for us.  You never know, one day you may meet a handsome-well-to-do horticulturalist you may wanna impress by saying, “Look how beautiful that Pinus Elliotii Englem. var. densa is?” That’s the scientific name of a certain pine tree here.



Red spider that looks like a face of a pig. Check out the white part

Back side of the wierd spider

I found the health park formidable and found a few interresting creatures there, but after a while, I was feeling kinda, blah, so I left that little park/lake and skipped down the road to explore the neighborhood.  I headed down Southwest 72nd Avenue down to Pembroke Pines Blvd and across to South Airport Road, all the while trying my very best to ignoring my body’s urge to use the bathroom. I immediately thought of my TNT Madrid 2012 Coach Denny.  He told our group you have to train your body to go to the bathroom in the early am.  You don’t want to be bothered with such god-aweful-but-good-feeling-after-you-expell urge during your run.  No. No. No.  He said, “do whatever it takes.”  In other words, sit there, read a magazine or newspaper, sip on your morning coffee or tea, say a prayer or two on that pot, but get the job done! Get the drift?  Don’t head out the door to run without moving your bowels.  Train yourself. Reason being, he explained,  if you are trying to run a certain miles in a certain time, having to stop to relieve such a powerful urge could set you back by a large margin during a marathon.  Having to wait your turn in line for the Porta Potty–like I did in San Francisco 2011–can spoil a girls fun.  Sorry for the   graphics here.  As a nurse, I have to tell you like it is.  It is what we do!

Stay on the grass, okay?

Even the handicap can benefit from working out here.

I didn’t realize it at the time, but I was also feeling aches in my knees on the way back, then I realized I had been running on the sidewalk. Folks, this too is a No No.   As I said before in a prior post, this is not the best medium on which to run (unless you are Ironman).  Both fractures I suffered were obtained on this sidewalk concrete (Oh yeah, and because I was over-training.).  So there.  I’ve given you three NO NOS. If you want to continue to be a serious runner for life, you would want to keep your knees and the rest of your members intact to work for you.  So please run on natural surfaces such as grass, trails, and the likes.  Running on a tract is okay too.  If you have to run the streets (subject to your own interpretation), run on the asphalt with much more caution (like in the designated biking lanes), but this we also highly discourage, especially if you live in areas with people driving like South FLorida motorist).  I was told that the street asphalt has a give and the concrete sidewalk does not (it is touch and hard), which makes asphalt less harmful to the knees.  Again, this could be very dangerous considering the risk of fast moving objects like cars, motorcycles, and bikes potentially hitting you.  You sure don’t want to end up in anybody’s hospital. No, No. Hell, NO!

Person in a wheelchair working arms with Nordic poles. Nice.

When you run and your feet hit the ground, according to the American Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine, during a 10-mile run, your feet make 15,000 strikes at a force of three to four times the body’s weight!  This is why I decided to lose that stubborn extra 10 pounds of body fat I had hanging around–with guerrilla warfare tactics no doubt (and I do not recommend this to anyone, so I won’t mention what I did here).  The force generated by running can be great, depending on your weight.  You can see where even and extra 15 pounds can be dangerous, cumbersome, and a drag.  The difference between 130 lb and 145lb can cause you to generate a force of 520 lb (130×4) and 580 lb (135×4) respectively, a difference of an extra 60 pound force on your knees! This could spell IN-JU-RY!  Just remember, when you begin running, or stepping up your game, you should start slowly and always alternate days with other exercises such as cross-training–biking, rollerbladding, swimming, etc., aerobics, yoga, weight training and the likes, while increasing your miles.  This will help strengthen your runs.

Now getting back to my run today, the day turned out to be beautiful after all, and that chill I felt the first two miles or so faded under the sun.  Because of the knee discomforts I was experiencing on the way back from Pembroke Pines Blvd along SW 72nd Street, I decided to get off the sidewalk and run on the grass.  WARNING (I’ve been waiting patiently to say this)!  Serious CAUTION!  When you run on grass, keep your eyes ahead of you but not too far ahead, okay?  Scan the area well in front of you.   When you see a swarm of flies around a brown heap or pile, JUMP!  If you feel the ground under you foot softer than the other foot, it might be too late.

My late nephew Samson. RIP. Miss you O'le boy!

I was still having that urge to use the bathroom and, like what they call synchronicity, I spotted a brown heap 3-4 feet ahead of my next step.  Being a conscious runner who enjoys taking in EVERYTHING in nature, I noticed and avoided many more of  these droppings ahead.   It occurred to me that either there must be tons of stray mutts rooming the area (but I saw none nearby), or this spot is a favorite spot for folks walking their dogs to use the pot. From the looks of it, these folks have potty-trained their dogs well. It’s a pubic dog toilet out there.  I only wish the owners would be as kind as to bag such plunks and put ‘em in their perspective places–like a garbage.

Jetting home!

Oye!  They have trained up a dog in the way he should go, while I am struggling. I need to work on this little technical problem, and would advise you do the same too.  You can imagine my ride back home was made with a certain swiftness.  If you have any suggestion on how you did the job of training yourself to use the bathroom before your runs, please pelt us a note.  Your input on your technique will be well appreciated.