This One Is For You!

Good night everyone!  I hope you have got your run in today or are lacing those running shoes to head out the door tonight.  It is cold here in Miami, FL and freezing in some areas of the country.   A few of my nursing friends who are traveling in other parts of the USA for work or for fun have reported temperatures of 12 degrees Fahrenheit.  What does that mean for them?  Well, they won’t have to sweat so much, that’s all.  So, no excuses!  It’s always time to move that body!  Salsa anyone?

Sometimes after getting off a 12 hour shift from work, I find myself so tired and feeling like I cant move a leg or another toe.  To help myself overcome that feeling of exhaustion and inertia, I would dedicate that run to a patient I had taken care of that day, you know, that one that was struggling to stay alive with tubes protruding from every-and any orifice of his/her body.   I am talking about tubes hanging from the mouth, side of the chest, nose, arms, and even from a few private parts like the…the butt anus. If you are a non-medical person reading this post, it may seem gross to you, but a tube can be a nurse and a patients’ blessing both at the same time.  The placement of a tubes, like Endotracheal (ET), Tracheostomy (Trach), or Chest tube to help people breathe, have saved many people’s lives .  The placement of some tubes like a Foley Catheter and a rectal tube has made many patient’s more comfortable while saving a nurse’s life (Really!  Okay, maybe it helps us save more time).

I just got back from San Jose where I had the chance to run near Regional Medical Center off Jackson Street.  While running pastt the hospital, I dedicated 4 mile run to the patients struggling in their ICUs.  Although I don’t have a way to prove it, I feel that running for others can make a difference.  I just need a few brave nurses to come forth and testify.  Anyone out there care to have a little church?

A little friend I met along my run off Jacskon street...

Religions have been preaching for centuries that prayer changes things.  Many studies have shown that this is true, and other studies have shown that it makes no blooming different.  Some believe that it all depends on the researcher’s belief whether prayer or saying a positive mantra helps a situation when a person is ill.  Well, you can believe whatever you want, but I think any well-wishes or thought or prayer you do can help anyone in need.  Thought is powerful.  It is a force and you’ve better reckon.

Also a force to be reckoned with

Running often becomes my prayer and my meditation, especially when I am huffing and puffing and feel I cannot make it to another mile.  It sure helps refine my character and it also helps me to push my borders.  I hope you are finding this true for you too.   OYE!  Tomorrow I will run an extra mile just for you.  You tell me how it made you feel, Okay?