Clear The Space And Leave It Empty

keep it crystal clear as water...

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Okay.  Many things have been happening.  Many changes are taking place. Every day, hour, minute and second there is change.  It’s inevitable for us to experience change (unless you are dead!).

Year after year we sit down and draw up a (usually) useless map of mental resolutions (mental, because most of them does not take effect on the physical plane).  For decades we’ve gotten excited, grabbed a Stickie, or a journal, or a book, and made a list of one, two, three…ten things we have to NOT DO or we have to DO.  It usually begins with:



  1.  “I WILL LOOSE 10 Pounds (This was once my mantra for two year!!!)                      

  2.  I Will Save More Money

  3……..I WILL….. I WILL…. I WILL

10.  I WILL________(get a grip???)


Take a moment to reflect on what you really need...

Okay, you get the point.  If I was to add up all the past resolutions I’ve made in my life, I would have a nice and hefty (spare) bank account to buy more running gears and sexy stilettos (Halleluiah).  Now that’s something you can really get excited about!

More stilletos in my closet...

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Now let us look a little deeper into the matter on how we can clear the space and leave it blank or empty.  Warning!  I’m gonna get a little “ZEN” on you.  Just imagine that you are perfect just the way you are (No, I was not an avid viewer of Ophrah’s show).


Another day in paradise?

Yes, you heard me.  You are perfect just the way you are!  You will breathe.  You will laugh.  You will suffer. You will love.  You will die.  A perfect recipe for just… existing.  Now, if that’s enough for you, if you want to live like the mass percentage of folks are living and existing, then press that red X button on the left upper side of your screen and shut this motha down (kinda ruff wadn’t it?)!  That, my friends, is another good way of clearing the space and leaving it empty (just reserve this last point for after you’ve read what I have to say, okay?).


Clear from the twigs and weeds...

As I mentioned before, every moment ushers in change.  So will this new year.  Some folks will clear the space where they’ve been brewing in anger or contempt towards a partner or X-partner, clear their mental space, and leave it empty for new adventures in love letting by-gone be by-gone or grabbing a new partner.  Some folks will clear the space of hating that old job that has been working you like a Hebrew (or non-Hebrew) slave, and leave it empty to venture out into new uncharted territory on their own, or find a new job that promises to treat you more like the beautiful human that you are.  Today, some people will clear the space where they’ve been too busy finding a gazillion excuses to why they cant leave an empty 20 – 60 minutes space to get some daily exercise and treat their body good.  Given the rise in chronic diseases (Cancer, Diabetes, Cardiovascular problems, Hypertension, Obesity, etc), this is the space most of us need to clear and leave empty for something that will help us thrive and stay well in 2012.

Take the road Baby!

So put away that list and tackle one problem at a time. This is what you will do now and for the rest of the year–single-minded focus on staying well or getting well.  Multi-tasking or a new years resolution list should be labeled a curse word from now on.  This can muddle your mind and set you up for failure.  So stick this on the theater of your mind: I WILL CLEAR THE SPACE AND LEAVE 20-60 minutes for daily exercise to increase my running pace.  That’s it!  Now that’s something you can take to the bank. If anything, with more consistency, it will become a new habit, and will make you feel good enough to look forward to moving that rusty, exercise-starved-body, once again.  Soon you will see what magic clearing that space and leaving it empty can do for you.  It will clearing enough space in your clothing so that you don’t feel like a stuffed leftover from thanksgiving and new year turkey.


OYE!!! So this is how you do it.  Just put on that running gear, lace up the shoes, and head out for a nice run in the neighborhood or park.  This evening, we will make this run an easy run, reflecting on where we came from, and where we are going.  Make the run Zen to the end.