Romancing The Moon

Beauty on the beach

Hello everyone!!! It’s been a few weeks since I last posted. In case you are wondering, this running nurse is still running and training for my Madrid Marathon in April 2012. A lot has been up lately, between moving, helping my parents with some issues, and a death in the family. So, I’ve been traveling from quite a bit, and should I had written a post, I’d had to change the name to “the flying nurse,” instead of running nurse.





Buddha Water Fountain

Two Wednesdays ago, just as I was planning my run, I was invited at last minute to dine at a local Miami Thai restaurant, Panya Thai (voted one of the best Thai restaurants in Miami) by a good friend of mine, a rough neck Colombiano. Although the service left much to be desires (they had one waitress!), the food was great, and so was the company. The outside of the restaurant doesn’t depict anything fancy, but the ambiance inside–a Buddha water fountain with three Lotus flowers, two Thai musicians figures on opposite side of the fountain, and the sound of water falling or moving, made the place very formidable.

Tofu! I love you!

I was careful not to eat too much of my Pad Thai Tofu meal because I had a 6 mile run scheduled on Sunny Isles Beach that evening. I hadn’t run this beach in a while, so I had butterfly in my stomach.





Fascinated with yellow wild flowers

Yeah, this beach and I have had a long history of a love affair. There was a time when I practically lived on this beach (no Mamma, I wasn’t ever a bum). When away, my heart yearned to treading its sandy shore like it would yearn for a… scoop of frozen blueberry/coconut yogurt

My Sweet Retreat!

from Sweet Retreat Parlor in San Jose, CA (off Cahalan and Santa Theresa Blvd). I believe that SIB is one of the most clean and beautiful beaches in South Florida with clear water and white sand. It’s not heavily populated, and is relatively safe (maybe because there seems to be two Police Officer for every one block of the city. Yes, an exaggeration). This place always brings me a warm feeling like good ‘ole hot Cocoa on a cold winter day.



On way to SIB

The city of Sunny Isles Beach, lately termed, Florida’s Riviera, has a mixture of European, South Americans, and other nationalities that makes up a rich cultural blend. The city itself is about 2.5 miles long, with Oleta River State park right across the 163rd Street bridge. SIB is a little city that bikers and runners explore and loves to pass through.

It would be nice if the city had assigned biking lanes, but for the most part, it seems as though drivers are tolerant of cyclist passing through on Collins Ave (A1A). The street on A1A is narrow, but there is ample sidewalk for pedestrians. Just be cautious that going east on 172nd street (and other of the streets that are perpendicular to Collins), and Collins (A1A), the turning arrow for 172nd street comes up the same time the Pedestrian’s “Okay to walk across the street,” signals occur. This to me has always been a bit dangerous because Miami motorist are notorious for being very impatient for the most part. When these people see that green light to turn left, many of them are not cognizant that the Pedestrian’s right to cross the street signal is turned on as well. I’ve seen elderly people who try crossing this intersection intimidated by the folks turning left on 172nd (going east) and A1A, and my heart would palpitates (abnormal jumping) when I see Granny trying to run with a cane! So if you are older than Jehovah witness, cross this street with a young, spunky, preferably angry teenage or young adult family member. Motorists tend not to mess with those folks.

just prior to run

That evening, I began my run just prior to sunset and the moon had already out and waiting patiently for the sun to set. I did a quick warm up and stretches, laced my Nike Pegasus, set my Nike Plus IPOD program, and headed South towards the mouth of the intracoastal towards Bal Harbour, passing through Haulover “nude” Beach.

See the moon above lifeguard hut?

The temperature was formidable but I worried the sun would set before I get back to my starting point. Even thought sun-set was threatening,there were still many folks out on the beach chilling. As I ran down to towards Houlover beach (a 0.4 mile stretch), I noticed two constants: a full moon that followed me, and few middle age folks and many nude elderly hanging out. Not a good combo, but maybe there is a subliminal message here (does the word “lunacy” say anything to you?). My mind started to wonder. I felt like I was running in the twilight zone. These folks were ‘just letting it ALL hang out,’ and I am not only referring to private parts either. I saw chins hanging-on-chest-hanging-on-breast-handing-on-bellies-hanging-over-private parts-hanging-down-to-knees. It was like a long bad chain reaction (For the sake of your health, my health, and the nuders privacy, no picture here).

ATTENTION! Beyond this point you may encounter nude bathers!

You have to respect the elderly. They really have nothing to loose at that age. Well, yeah… well? Okay, maybe some of them could try loose a few layers of flab, but at a ripe old age of, lets say, 85, you may say who da heck cares? The full moon certainly didn’t. And so I closed that chapter for the moment and continued my run, this time focusing on the colorful life-guard huts along the way, of course, with the moon following in the back-ground.

As usual, I normally start my run with hard-core rap  or rock because it elicits a feeling and attitude of “let’s burn this ‘motha’ house down!”  Okay, maybe not a house, nor your mother, but at least the road. I’ve tried many other genres to start my run and found that nothing pumps me up like rap, pop, or rock music.  So I started with Light My Way.    Some gospel music makes me feel like I have all the time in the world. Most reggae music makes me feel too “IRE” and relaxed, and with an “I don’t’ give a damn,” feeling. Salsa music is a definite halt because it gets my feet out of the run mode and into dance mode. Soca music goes so fast, “jump up jump up” “wine up wine up,” that I can feel an impending heart attack/stroke! One must use this genre of music sparingly (as a picker-up-er). Country music? Well, get a rope! And a coffin!

My moon

That day I ran all the way to the intracoastal, circling three pine trees where a Caucasian man was doing Tai Chi, threw a thumb at him, and headed back up to sunny isles beach. All the while, that moon was following me, although it was much darker than when I first started off.

I felt warm, protected, loved, and adored by this enchanted celestial body not knowing, like the singer Aretha Franklin sang, ‘who is zooming who’.