Get Off Your Bunkie!

This flower brough out the sunshine and a wish.

Just got back from a 5:03 mile run which, according to my Nike Plus program on my IpodTouch, I manages in 42:12 time (or 8.23 mile/min average pace).

It started as another overcast day in San Jose, albeit, not so cold as the previous 3 days (forecast read low 46, high 62, which I discovered, of course, after my run).  It felt a good bit nippy in my apartment, so I headed out the door dress like a Ninja (head and neck totally covered with a contraction I bought from armor-all, long sleeves jersey, a full-length leggin running gear, and a pair of gloves).  Guess this probably explains all the eye-popping passerby’s stares I got this morning.  A few minutes later I discovered,  once I got to running, that I was totally overdressed!

The course took me my usual way up Santa Teresa Blvd, then I cross overto Bernal St, and headed up the road to a small park called Los Paseos Park, City of San Jose’.

The park is a formidable little park right next to Los Paseos Elementary School.  There were a few oriental parents with children in the playground; a Hispanic couple playing with their black dog running about on the Lawn; three Caucasion men flying little minature airplanes in the middle of the park; and there were a couple dressed like Eskimos at the entrance just staring at me like I belong on another planet.  Of course the feeling was mutual.  So I smiled at them and continued my course to explore the way.

Look closely and you will see the Itti bitty airplanelawn-part of the park; three Caucasian men

As I was running on the sideline of the park, I looked up and saw one of the little remote controlled airplane  three the guys were controlling, flying over my head as if it was following me.  So, I looked back and flashed a smile at the them (No I was not flirting) and continued my run.  I was focused on the trail and continued to explore the little park, which is a good place to run and a nice place for a family picnic gathering, and other sports activities. But the clouds hung low and the sky looked pale and gray.  Like, I hope it doesn’t pour down, I said to myself.

Not too soon after running in Los Paseos Park did it started to rain.  It was a light drizzle falling on my face.  It picked up a bit more, but the rain drops felt very delightful on my skin.  The sensation brought memories of when I was a little girl back on Roatan Island. And it brought back a rough memory of my Grandma Emma beating the daylights out of me for parading in the rain without asking for her permission.  In those days (of course not so long ago), you had to ask your elders (sometimes you had to get the approval of every member–grandpa, grandma, father, mother) if you wanted… lets say— to breath!  It was LAW that you never take anyone nor anything for granted.  The only thing I don’t recall having to ask the folks for permission was to use the bathroom or do any chores around the house.  Okay, I hope my memory serves me right, ’cause my siblings may be reading some of these posts.

I took the side exit of the park

A bit of digression there, yeah?  Okay, let’s get back to to Los Paseos Park.  The drizzle was very refreshing, but then my sinus has been working my nerves like the noxious alarm of that old and ancient PCA (Patient Controlled Analgesia) pain pump we use at the hospital (San Jose.  Not a good place for people with sinus problems.).

The rain was picking up a bit more.  So, I only did approximately 3 laps around the field on the dirt road side and headed back home.  After all, my Granny did tell me that it is not good for a heated body to be exposed to cold weather or cold water—one can get Pneumonia???  My nursing education taught me otherwise, but Granny seem to have known many peculiar and deep truth that science has a hard time explaining.  So, I listened to the good words of my late Gram Emma which were re-reverberating in my mind, and made a dash for the exit to the park while thinking she would have been proud to know that I was wearing socks and a ninja covering on my head!

Today still turned out to be a great day to run.  So far, I am on a plan to run 3-4 days a week with at least 2 days of cross-training (biking, free-weighted–dumbell and other things, walking, swinging from a pole, etc.  Gotta get ready for my Madrid, Spain marathon (donations being accepted) held by the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.  I hope to be in tip top shape, without any injuries, so I’ve made my plan and hope to stick with it till Jesus comes, or till April 22–the date of the Marathon, whichever comes first.  By the way, I might decide to do Miami ING in January (maybe a half).   Who’s in?  Post a message here if you will.  Maybe we can get 100 nurses and others to join?  Until then, I will keep breathing.  With faith.  Hope to hear from you experienced running nurses out there, or those of you who have just began your journey, or those of you still trying to conquer inertia (stillness) on that couch. So get off your Bunkie (no, I don’t mean that remote place in Bunkie in Louisiana.  It’s a Roatan lingo for your backside) and join me!

A treat I spotted on my way back home today.

OYE!  Just get one leg moving then recruit the other to follow, and you will be well on your way.  Till next time.  Que Dios te bendiga (God bless!).