No One But The Black Squirrel

Day before yesterday I woke up and dashed out the door to complete a short 2.5 miles run the HIT (High Intensity Training) style.  I’ve been so busy trying to take care of activities of daily living and, shift-work, and work-related requirements that I felt like my fingers were crippled (well, it was more like feeling mentally crippled!).

Just before my run, day-before yesterday, I was in my apartment doing a few chores to get me ready for work.  I had to go into work that evening to relieve a co-worker who had to leave work early–I hope to take a run–Lord knows we all can use a few minutes of exercise on a beautiful sunny day as such.  It was sunny, but it seemed to be cold from the moment I peeled open my eyes to the moment I ran out for a quick 20 minutes run/workout.  How I know it was cold that morning?  I definitely did not look up the local weather report nor tuned into the Weather Channel (I have no cable TV.  I don’t even have a TV at the moment), but my third toe on my right foot turned numb, pale, and deathly-looking.  It felt weird.  No sensation at all.  It looked yellow/grayish like it was going to fall off!  It needed a pacemaker.  No! Grab me some Epinephrine and a crash cart quick!  Call a CODE BLUE! The toe is going bad.  This numb sensation lasted a good 10 minutes or so even after I slapped on a couple of socks (hyperthermia therapy).  It’s been a long time since I had this symptom.

This is one of the reasons why I do not like cold weather.  Clearly, in all sense, I am allergic to it.  So, (Uncle) Raynaud Phenomenon wants to bother me again, and I longed for waking up to warm days in Miami, FL.  You see, this never happens to me in warm climates–Raynaud be gone!  For those of you who do not know, Reynaud Syndrome or Phenomenon or disease (discoloration of toes, finger, and other extremities due to vasoconstriction –when the blood vessels clamp down and basically shut off blood supply or diminishes blood supply to that area) can be very painful and can be a sign that you have other serious problems such as scleroderma or Lupus.  In my case, it happens very infrequently (once in a blue moon), and usually involves one toe or a finger, and it is always triggered by what my body senses as ‘cold weather.’  Should you be burdened with such problem, please seek the advice of your primary physician.

As I mentioned, from the inside window view, the day was gorgeous and sun-kissed.  One would not imagine a beautiful day could be so cold.  For the San Jose, California locals, I guess it’s just another day in paradise.  Moments later the toe warmed up (and I waited very patiently and consciously) and it lived, so I started my run with a quick warm up/stretch (la-dee-da) and I was done and gone about my business.

Usually there are people biking on the street, running here and there, kids rollerboard-skating, folks walking their dogs, etc.  I was feeling very lonely.  Then I saw one single black squirrel skip past me and up the tree.  I was running in the little playground down the street from the apartment.  Every time I made a revolution of the playground, that squirrel jetted past me like he had beat me one more time.  “Show off!” This is what I thought.  Friendly squirrel though… The only company I had. It would be nice to run with someone other than a squirrel sometimes.  I finished my run just in time to head back home, jump in the shower, and go to work, but as I was leaving the playground/park, a bunch of folks rolled up all at once as if a dignitary was in town.  All I saw was people carrying pans here and there.  PARTY TIME!  Yeah, good idea.  Maybe I should throw a running party and see how many of my co-workers and other nurses/healthcare practitioners or just anyone other than the squirrels would show up.  I think I may have to plan this idea using a guerrilla tactic.  Will have to think of ways I can suggest a certain dress code–workout attire and a pair of running shoes, please.  I hope it works.  No running shoes.  No food!


OYE!  If you have been running and love to be engaged in outdoor activities, and have any idea how we can get a few INERT (chemically inactive) folks out to get engaged in some well-needed-overdue physical activity on their days off, please feel free to drop us a line or two.  Waiting to hear from you!