Running With A Sore Big Toe!

Okay, three days ago I lost my mind and decided to give it all I had on a Half Marathon (UN-official of course).  I was checking my Nike Run coaching schedule and I am behind on my runs.  Mama said there would be days like these.  I am recovering well from that 3rd metatarsal stress fracture I suffered  a few months ago, but I still do not wish to overdo it and suffer a setback.  I Ran those miles on the street from Santa Theresa Blvd, to Bernal St, to Great Oaks  and then back to Santa Theresa Blvd, then all the way to Blossom Hill and back home.  Fortunately, I felt great and kept a steady pace of 8.56 miles/hr, averaging a pace of 9.07 miles/hr.  The run was better than I thought.  Believe me, that recent rest I got a few days ago and last night were instrumental in doing the trick.

As long as I have been running, I’ve lost a great big toenail (on a yearly basis).  Oh, and yes I am wearing my shoe size! It’s just that I am I’m an aggressive runner (so I think).  Although I am a bit self-conscious about a toe missing a nail (when dancing Salsa, the guys give an UN-approving gaze), I’ve learned to live with the chance.  A boyfriend of mine once told me, “Honey, don’t worry about that toenail.  You are athletic and are still very sex.”  Well, I took his words to the bank, and I am still cashing them as of today (thanks boo).   The first couple of times I lost my big toenail, I ran to the Vietnamese nail shop ’round the corner and got a fake nail on that bad boy!  And with that being said, they also gave me a fungus (ewwwwhhhhh!).

I am a confident lady, but the day after the marathon I thought this sore big to has got to go (Well, the pain.)!  The toe felt as if it was infarcting so I immersed my feet in cold water (Hypothermia therapy, like we do to those heart attach  patients), pitched some Epson Salt in that glacial water (Granny would have suggested this if she was alive), and sent up a prayer (“Lord, save the big toe nail!”).  Gonna resuscitate it, and nurse it back to health. Let me tell you, after the shock of placing my foot in a ice water basin, that gnawing/burning sensation eased (gonna patent this treatment for infarct toenails) a bit (diabetics, please, please  PLEASE do not try!).  Note, I am not recommending this to anyone.  It is my own experience with life—please let me live it.  :)
This reminds me, as nurses, we practice safety first (hope I get a raise for mentioning this).  If the toe hurts while you are working out, pay attention and give ‘em a break (maybe some new shoes or something).  After about 400 miles or so, you can donate those worn out shoes to the neighbor’s dog garbage or any charity if they would accept them.

Believe it or not, you need that big toe for your balance. And toenails?  Well, their function seem to be controversial now-a-days to some philosophical medical jackasses researchers.  Some say they serve as protection and immunity to the toes, others think they are a left-over-hand-me-down slab of keratin from the primate’s hoof.  I personally believe that MY toenails protect my toes from soft-tissue injuries and they make my feet look good in those Salsa stilettos!

OYE!  I am making an appointment to finally go to the running company to get a video study done. More about this later.  If you are like me and are being tired of that toe-nail (yeah, it’s the same one the last Vietnamese sister told me ” It ees(is) rruff (rough)”) and have been injured in the past (stress fractures/strains/sprains/bruises) then you may want to consider running to your nearest shoe store to get a gait/posture assessment or a video study done, and get properly fitted for your running shoes.