Sedating Red Glitters

Good day folks!!! I woke up to an overcast day in San Jose, Ca.  The sky was so dark that I was tempted to pull out my telescope and see if I could view the planets Saturn and Mars from my apartment.  Okay, maybe that was an over-compensatory statement.  Well, the sun just came out as I started writing this post, and I am planning my day.

I haven’t ran since this past Friday evening, and I am itching to get out and stretch my wings feet.  For the past two days, I’ve been taking a CCRN prep class and resting my Being.  Saturday evening I felt drained, sick, needing a nurse (preferably my mother), and collapsed in bed a bit after 4pm.  Except for turning over at 11pm, I didn’t blow until 3 am (I think, more than enough sleep needed for a hibernating mouse)!

I know this blog is supposed to be about running nurses—nurses who break away from all that running on the floor and units, who find time to run or engage in physical activity in order to stay healthy/fit and well…. to take care of the sick, but we have to rest too.  As you could imagine, w too are a sleep deprived community.  Many nurses have to tend to their own family affairs, sick children, cooking and other household affairs (which some say sometimes carry them through the night), and get up feeling chewed up and dragged down and take care of your loved ones (whehh, there is more where this came from).  As a matter of fact, this poses a danger both to our livelihood and to your loved one’s well being (risk for medication errors, etc see Sleepless Nurses).  So a good good nurse should make time, and also know when it’s time to fold her/his arms and close the eyelids.

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Saturday evening, after walking up three flights of stairs to my apartment, I dropped my purse on the ground and landed, like a two engine jet out of control, on my queen size organic futon mattress. I felt like my heart’s Ejection Fraction (EF) was a whopping 2%!  EF is a test to determine how well or efficiently your heart pumps with each beat.  A normal value is said to be 50%-70%.  When I closed my eyes, I felt like I was taking a quantum leap down the rabbit whole and NO I didn’t have the energy to fight it!  Red Glitters.  That’s what I last remember consciously seeing, and those red glitters warmed me up and took me to a place of deep repose.



Since nurses are human and we have other things to share other than sickness, dis-eases, running, shameless co-workers, and worthless administrators, let me share this with you.  Red glitter, as you may know, is special.  I like to use a favorite nail polish with red glitters to special Salsa dances on my toes (the Chaps seem to be attracted by this stuff!).  Ole folks may spit you those stale lyrics, “Everything that glitters is not gold,” but I find that you may pay a bit more for things that glitter, and glitter, like gold, is not cheap.  Red glitter is a festive and special color (maybe it’s the excitement of it that keeps the life of homo-sapiens more interesting?). It makes one feel warm and very alive.  It is explosive and infectious! It may also be intense enough to exhaust and render you in the arms of rest. Get it in your hair, and you may be the most attractive being since…(well, will leave a blank here). On spare time, you may find that you can create your own homemade red glitters with heat, cookie sheets, a dash of salt, and food coloring.

OYE!  Eleven hours of sleep and I woke up with red glitter on my mind.  My heart felt stronger yesterday (Sunday) and I feel even more vibrantly alive today thanks to the much needed sleep.  I am on call, so I am off for to a run. ENJOY!