Good day everyone!  Sad to say that I woke up at the crack ass of dawn and got ready for my trip back to the USA.  Chucky, my folk’s little helper/water chauffeur/adopted son, overslept and my cousin Jason came to my rescue to take me and his niece, my cousin, Sherna, to the landing so that Cousin Sherran could drive me to the airport (I know…That was a lot of cousins!)  It was good seeing Poet Sherna Pouchie’ again.  We had some good laughs in route while marveling at the beautiful morning ride.

Luckily, I reached the airport just in time to boar the little Sosa two-engine plane, which to my surprise, was on time for  0640 AM, which was the first time in a long time I witnessed any domestic plane leaving Roatan Airport on time.  When we purchased the ticket to San Pedro, we thought it was a straight flight, but in this beautiful land, anything goes!  No sooner after the plane lifted off, we were landing again (10-15 min) and everyone (an oriental lady—strange, five Americans, and a local that was chatting on the phone the entire flight) seemed very surprised when we landed in La Ceiba.  I immediately glanced at the engines to make sure they were intact, recalling the time that I flew on one and one of the two engines blew in mid air and the pilot made an emergency landing in La Ceiba!  “Parace que hubo una barbacoa (Looks like there was a barbeque),” stated the pilot, referring to the blackened engine, and before any passenger could say a thing that guy jumped back on the plane and flew that plane to Roatan (for 15 minutes I did not breathe!).

The layover at La Ceiba Golosson Airport was but 20 minutes (I know…hard to believe) and so I am writing you this post from San Pedro Sula Toncontin International Airport.  This layover is about 4 hours long (which is the time I would like to run my upcoming marathon in San Francisco).  Meanwhile, I am here, freezing my tail off (feels like the Artic Pole here) and contemplating my beautiful Roatan while listening to Sade’s “No Ordinary Love” tract.  I am missing my folks, a few cousins, the fishes in my father’s expansive aquarium. My ole man has a variety of fishes, lobsters, Murray eels, crabs, strange crabs, and other see creatures under his house floor, porch, and boat shade.  I chuckled at the memory of yesterday when he was trying to drive his automatic wheelchair to the edge for a good view and fought his eldest daughter, his eldest brother, and his nurse aid Analee, kicking, fighting, and demanding respect, “I’ve been doing this for 15 years now!  Leave me alone!” he stated. They feared he would drive that wheelchair in the sea.  It was a commotion!

Well, I’ve been running for just about that long too–15 years, albeit not as intensely as I am at the moment, for I am training for a full marathon in October.  Yeah!!!  Nike Women Marathon!

OYE!  Today will be my rest day, and I have two other layovers to contemplate.  But tomorrow, God willing, I will be writing you from California.  So for now, I will meditate on my No Ordinary Love for Roatan and for running and bid you good day.